Re: Arctic Hawk vs. CHes.

Posted by George K on Mar 2, 2006


If you base building time on the size of the manual then the WR 18 is by far the fastest build with about 18 pages. On the other hand the Hawk comes with a 450 page manual. The CH 17 has about 80 pages. Seriously, the CH will be faster to build than either the WR or the Hawk. It took me about 70 hours to build the CH 17LT and another 20 or so for varnishing (seven coats top and bottom). The WR took about 100 hours but I did a bit of veneer work (like 32 hours of it). It was also my third boat so I got more efficient with time. I've not built a Hawk (yet) but it would probably be in the WR area. But who cares how long it really takes? Buy the one you really liked to paddle the most.

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