Re: Arctic Hawk vs. CHes.

Posted by Scott A on Mar 3, 2006

Plan on spending a lot more time than the manual indicates (either boat). My West 180 is 3 years old now, and I'm building an AH presently. I just double the time indicated for each step, and I've found that's pretty realistic for me. Double the curing times if you're not working in a warm room (60F or warmer). My basement is 46F.

As everyone else has already pointed out, buy the boat for it's finished characterictics. For instance, I do a lot of camping out of my West, but I'm sure I'll have to pack lighter if I take the AH this season. I chose the AH this time mainly as a recreational boat for day trips, exercise, rolling, etc...

Oh, and don't rush it. Enjoy the build, whichever you decide on.

In Response to: Arctic Hawk vs. CHes. 17 by Tim Clark on Mar 2, 2006