Re: Deck Beam Installatio

Posted by LeeG on Mar 6, 2006

solution #1 Drill 1/16" hole and drive a 1 1/2" ss brad through into the glued in deck beam. The size of the hole won't me much different than all the other holes around the bulkheads and chines.

solution #2 Make the deck beam removable. Hot glue it into position with a couple of vertical sticks holding it into place and short screws into sheerclamp until you're done glassing the deck and the coaming is installed and cured.

I'd pre-glass the underside of the deck with 4oz glass between the front bulkhead and aft hatch. Install deck with two fill coats. The foredeck will still bend with underside glassed, preferably installed when epoxy is still soft/green but if the wet-out coat is cured put a damp towel on the top of the deck to make the bend easier. It helps to put the coaming stack on in two parts, first glass deck, then install spacers and fill coats, sand around coaming THEN put on the coaming. Once the coaming is TOTALLY cured remove deck beam and scaffolding. Glue back in a 4mm strip in place of the 1" deck beam. I don't even know if that's necessary.

ok,,maybe just the 1 1/2" ss. brad through the 1/16" hole.

In Response to: Deck Beam Installation by Chris J. on Mar 5, 2006