Sad news

Posted by J.Schott on Mar 6, 2006

I wanted to share this story since it is a grim reminder of the danger associated with cold water paddling. Sunday before last (March 26th), two local boys set out on the lake in a canoe. Sometime after 3pm, the canoe capsized and they lost their lives trying to swim to shore. Both boys were 13 yrs old. From the reports, neither was wearing a life jacket or clothing suited for 40 deg water temps. One boy was found yesterday evening and the other today, 400 feet from his friend. Both of the boys were considered outstanding, responsible kids and will be missed by everyone in our community. The sobering thing is, that this tragedy happened at the lake 2 miles from my house and is where I do my "stress relief" paddling. Most people here question how this could happen in a such a small "safe" lake. They take for granted the water temp as did the boys and their parents.

I wanted to share this as a reminder not to take anything for granted while we enjoy our boats and time on the water. Warm weather is right around the corner, but the water will still be cold. I plan to take "Paradox" out for her maiden voyage as a finished boat next weekend. They are calling for temps in the 70-80 deg range but, I will for sure be wearing gear for 40 deg water. I will also be thinking about the boys and thier families when I'm out there.-Joey

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