Good News

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 7, 2006

Here on the Texas Gulf Coast, kayak fishing has become a huge thing, the boat of choice being the roto-molded plastic sit-on-top. Since these trendy folks are anglers primarily, and not people "getting into paddling", safety has been a real second thought, at best. "Serious kayakers" have been dreading the results that are sure to come when most don't wear PFD's, and take to the sea wearing >waders< in colder weather, for some time now.

But a couple weeks ago, there was a fishing tournament... A cold front blew in during it, a guy turtled, had to be rescued because he couldn't rescue hisself (nor could his partner help), and actually spent several hours in the hospital for treatment of hypothermia.

So now, kayak safety is a hot topic, and people are signing up for lessons left and right. Dang, did I pick a good time to get my ACA instructor's certification, or what? I really never expected to make a dime off it, but I have several paying jobs lined up! But what's really great is that the subject of safety is now "legitimate", and nothing to razz anyone about, as has been pretty much the case in the past.

We have some of the safest paddling conditions anywhere here in Texas, and ironically enough, this very fact, as it turns out, can be dangerous. Can you say "complacency"?

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Sad news by Chuck Rhodes on Mar 7, 2006