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Posted by J.Schott on Mar 7, 2006

I also have a double and had to make "mounts" for it. After reparing the bottom of my newly finished double, I made a pair of mounts to spread the load out. The problem with cartopping the double is, unless you have huge car or truck, most racks hit the bottom where it has the least support. What I came up with is an enlarged version of some mounts I saw. They were molded to the bottom and spread the load out across the bottom to the chines. The front mount also goes 2 inches up the sides to keep it from sliding side to side and hugs the hull to provide a "stop" when it is slid up on top of my truck. I have actually perfected the loading procedure so I can do it alone. I have pictures but, I will have to do some searching through the 1,000's of pics stored on our pc. I'll get them posted as soon as I find them.-Joey

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