Re: Deck Beam Installatio

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 10, 2006

The deck beam may be structurally unnecessary for paddling, but (at least on the 16LT) it gives you a good reinforced point for tying the boat down with ratchet straps.

I've never really trusted cam cleats for driving at 60+ mph (where legal) and I do take the warnings about ratchet straps crushing the boat seriously. But by wrapping the ratchet strap directly over the deck beam, I've never seen any indication of the strap exerting too much pressure on the deck.

So keep in mind that our boats are amphibious creatures. They live in the water, exist in our garages and commute on our cars. Each environment may need a specialized bit that the other doesn't.


In Response to: Re: Deck Beam Installatio by LeeG on Mar 8, 2006