Working like Kurt?

Posted by Kyle T on Mar 22, 2006

Well, let me tell you what not to attempt. Don�t attempt to work like Kurt. He is the fastest builder alive can keep his title.

Last week we put on the final section of deck on the triple we are building for CLC�s adventure race team in Florida. Thursday we sanded and epoxied the complete deck and let it cure till Sunday. That�s when the fun started. Sunday we started early and quickly sanded the entire exterior of the boat. It took about eight hours. We then added a skim coat of epoxy to the deck. After that we carefully installed all three coamings without mussing the decks wet epoxy. We flipped the boat over and supported it on stands that fit up into the cockpit openings (between the clamps hoilding on the coamings). Once supported we added a skim coat of epoxy to the hull and left her to cure. It�s over 80 degrees down here right now so the epoxy is curing quickly.

Monday evening after our regular jobs we trimmed out and sanded the three coming lips and installed the rudder and it�s cable housings. We then rotated the boat up on it�s side where we could just drop in three foot brace assemblies supported on the perforated bolts available from CLC. No clamps were needed when installing foot braces in that manner. When those were in place we coated the newly sanded coamings with epoxy and left for home around midnight.

Tuesday morning the new boats owner, Brian, flopped the boat onto its opposite side and dropped in the three foot braces that we didn�t get to the night before. Later that evening the build team installed the seats, rudder cables, grab handles and deck rigging before taking the kayak to the local retention pond for a test paddle.

That�s right, we went from newly installed deck to paddling a rigged out triple in about two days. The boat will be raced in the North Georgia 24 hour Adventure Race this weekend but because of the schedule it�s making the trip without it�s varnish or even hatches. Those will be added when the team returns. Brian has been posting some pictures in Team CLC's blog if you are interested.

I can say I�m tired of working like Kurt. Next time I plan to take a whole week to build my kayak.