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Posted by M Davis on Mar 23, 2006

A cooler means insulation, most likely some sort of foam sheeting cut to size and attached to the inside. Or maybe you can figure out a way to use sprayed-in-place-foam-in-a-can. The neat thing is that you have a built-in cooler. The bad thing is that moisture will eventually seep behind the foam sheets and moisture trapped between foam and the inside of the hull is bad, very bad. There have been threads on this forum from time to time on the subject of foam in kayaks. The negative aspects really do outweigh the positive.

I much prefer an old fashioned rigid cooler to one of the soft-sided ones. And there are a few very, very small ones that will fit thru my hatches. But when it is all over, the soft-sided ones do allow more usable volumn. Always som'thin.


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