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Posted by LeeG on Mar 24, 2006

I've thought of a similar thing but don't think turning the kayak itself into a cooler is a good idea. As mentioned all that minicell will trap water unless it's perfectly sealed but the biggest problem will be spilled food containers and the attendant cleaning/fermentation problems in a closed compartment exposed to the sun.

What makes sense to me is a rectangular hole in the deck for a small cooler (lunch/six-pack size) that might project up an inch. Using a second bulkhead but giving up on the idea that this would be a rough water boat or the seal between the cooler and hole being particularly water proof. Maybe soft density minicell glued to the cooler where it would press onto the deck or onto the underside of the deck so the cooler would press through as it's pushed in.

In Response to: Cooler. by Rob on Mar 23, 2006