Hatch Frames

Posted by Vannessa on Mar 24, 2006

I just completed my forward hatch cover. I've misplaced the plans and decided to eye-ball the placement of the frames, and unfortunately the wiggle room is a lot more than I'd prefer. I imagine the foam tape and hatch straps will help in keeping it in place and I'm not too concerned at this point.

BUT TO AVOID A REPEAT OF THIS MISHAP can someone kindly provide me with the measurements as far as where to place the frames for the aft hatch? Or at least a hint? If you'd like to give it to me in the form of an algebraic equation I can do that too, as long as the solution doesn't arrive at $69 plus s+h for plans that I don't necessarily need. What I need are meausurements. Regrettably, after a nomadic journey through different workplaces I'm unable to find the plans that came with the kit. Otherwise my only resort is to eye-ball the placement again and risk another ill-fitting hatch cover. This of course wouldn't be the end of the world, and I think I can do a better job this second try, but I thought I'd at least post this request before doing so. Thanks in advance :)