Now waitaminnit.....

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Mar 25, 2006

I had the Raven seaworthy in 14 days from plans. Are you telling me tha tKurt crushed my ego and did something faster, better and more rollable? could you, buddy?

Yes, I am online briefly, just long enough to say that I am ready to glue project number 4, the RP Sport and yes, RP stands for Robert Pruden, a design specially made at my request by Chris Ostiland of Salt Lake City. At least when I go over the next rapid and my boat busts up then I know who to complain to.

Robert (just say)N(o to rapids) Pruden

ht4k...ht4k...ht4k...must remember to enter the verification code.........zzzZZZzzz

In Response to: Working like Kurt? by Kyle T on Mar 22, 2006