Re: starvation

Posted by Mac on Mar 26, 2006


Did you coat your two surfaces with fresh, unthickened epoxy first and let it soak in a few minutes (say, while you added cabosil to your container?) That helps ensure that your joint won't be starved. The thickened epoxy then filles any tiny gaps.

Spring clamps have the disadvantage of only providing one pressure and each type is different in this regard. That's why I tend toward C clamps as much as possible. I can tighten unill I see just a bit of squeeze-out.

The best way to know for sure is to practice with scrap wood.

That said, if you're only worried about rub rails - don't. If you have no obvious gaps, and they don't spring open when you remove the clamps, then you're probably good to go.

Happy building - sounds like you're close to finishing.



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