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Posted by J.Schott on Mar 29, 2006

What Charlie said is very true. I had tons of problems this winter with MAS slow. Everything I have read states that 60 deg is the lowest temp but, I think it is in the low 70's based on what I've experienced. I found that it just wouldn't get past the green stage without some pursuasion from heat. My solution was to stop heating the air and heat the boat/epoxy with heat lamps. I got a pretty good ribbing from Kurt on my setup (aka "the rotisserie") and a note of caution from John, but it worked great. I would try gentle heat from a shop light to see if it cures before tearing all your hard work apart. There is some great info in "shop tips" on working with epoxy in colder temps. I know it is hard to beleive but, 65 is pretty cold for MAS slow, almost too cold.

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