cut/don't cut

Posted by LeeG on Mar 30, 2006

You should have put the butt block on when things were still wet.

The gap on the inside edge is pretty common,,doesn't realy matter as long as it's sealed or filled. As long as the deck and sheer strip are connected by at least 3/8" or so of sheer clamp it's fine. If there's a hollow gap seal it up with a little schmootz.

I'd suggest putting warm damp towels on the area that has to bend for about 30 min and see how it goes when clamped down with the butt block underneath and a plastic covered block above. If it works without a total cracking go ahead and glue it.

Even if the wood cracks a little it'll all be over built with the adjacent sheerclamp, deck glass and coaming stack. Maybe make the under deck butt block a little longer than normal and use adequate schmootz to fill the mismatchs.

If it looks like there's absolutely no way things will come together then I suppose cutting the back piece an inche and the forward piece a few inches might do it but my preference would be to bend and clamp flexible wood and let epoxy/glass cover any cracked wood.

In Response to: Deck/sheer problem by A. King on Mar 30, 2006