Posted by LeeG on Mar 31, 2006

I heard second hand about a guy building a Cape Charles in Baja,,using West Systems medium cure. At 90degrees you've got less than a 5minute pot life.

Anywho that's why any suggestion to "let cure for 24hrs" using slow cure MAS on clamped joints is asking for trouble if the temps aren't up above 80 degrees.

A garage with variable temps and temps that vary within the length of the epoxied area is not anything like a shop space with 24hr 70degree temps from floor to table from bow to stern whether the doors are opened or closed (no drafts).

A beginning builder can look at a temp gauge out side that says 70degrees, go into a shop that's 65 degrees and glue in an area that will dip to 58 degrees overnight and still think he's working at "room temperature". Only to find that when the clamps come off the coaming, hatch ribs,shearclamps, scarf joints, etc, that things really aren't fully cured.

MAS slow cure really IS slow cure. At 60degrees you'll be waiting for 4-5days before it's ready to sand. At 60degrees some glue joints won't hold in 24hrs when the clamps come off.

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