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Posted by CLC on Mar 31, 2006

>>>>>>>>Anywho that's why any suggestion to "let cure for 24hrs" using slow cure MAS on clamped joints is asking for trouble if the temps aren't up above 80 degrees.


Not true. MAS long since sped up their Slow hardener.

We used the MAS Slow in all of the boatbuilding classes thus far this year. The shop stays around 65, and we can SAND the Slow after only 12 HOURS without gumming up sandpaper!

All epoxies---System 3 Silvertip, MAS with Slow, West System with Slow---are intractable to work with under 60 degrees F. But "asking for trouble if the temps aren't up above 80 degrees" is an overstatement.

By the way, builders should take into account the temperature of the PARTS they are gluing or coating. You might flick the heat on your workspace, watch the temperature advance from 52 to 65, and commence work. But the temperature of your wood parts might still be 55. You get the same problem.

Epoxy is a miracle material but temperature is its Achilles heel.

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