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Posted by Petewp on Mar 31, 2006

Epoxy versus elements and polyester resin...

What happens to the epoxy however after its stored outside, protected from rain and snow and UV rays, but sitting outside still through one new england winter after another. Ive been told it severly ages the epoxy and on another angle, epoxy boats should never be stored in water , like say, in florida at a mooring. This makes no sense to me as polyester resin GELCOATS seems like theyd be inferior as polyester resin by nature becomes unstable when exposed to water - BUT - all the yachts everywhere are polyester resin for the most part. Not MAS epoxy. Please correct me if Im wrong.

So which is better for withstanding the elements? And if polyester resin is held in such low regard why are all the yachts made with it. Someone said its cheaper - but the yacht crowd seems like they could afford an epoxy yacht too.

I know i have several questions in there now but I'd appreciate your input. Im considering outside [lol]MINI storage should I build a daysailing monohull.


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