Re: kayaks brewing etc.

Posted by Mike on Apr 1, 2006


I live in Tacoma Washington. I do keep quite busy. I usually don't work on the kayaks or brew beer while either of my two toddlers are awake. Fortunately, I am someone that requires less sleep than most people. I try not to work too many hours as a computer programmer. I don't go too far over 40 hour a week, although I've done as many as 107 in one week. My building, kayaking, and working slowed down after the kids. They are just too important and fun.

I usually still build a couple of kayaks a year, I am up to 9 total completed with a strip Micmac canoe, a Redfish Spring Run, a 17'x17.5" Greenland S&G, and two toddler Greenland SOFs in progress in my fully outfitted basement shop. I still have 5 completed home-built kayaks in my basement, and one WW kayak.

My shop is 1000 sq/ft, but it is still quite crowded. I need to sell my old MG to make some more room.

As for the beer, I never drink before kayaking, but enjoy one afterwards. I love beer, but don't like to get drunk, so I usually limit myself to one per night. Plus, I have expensive tastes in beer. Home brewing makes the vice affordable.

Don't let the delicate appearance of skin-on-frame kayaks fool you. Would you hit your wood and fiberglass kayak with a hammer? You can with a sof. They are so light, I think nothing of tossing them to the ground when getting ready to launch. The brown one in the picture weighs only 24 pounds. It is covered in a very tough nylon and two-part urethane combination. I am one of the hosts of SSTIKS and we all launch our sof's on an oyster shell covered beach at the event. We usually have people get cut, but not the sof kayaks. SOF kayaks aren't for everyone, but they are surprisingly durable, fun, cheap, and easy to build.



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