Re: Rubrails, or No Rubra

Posted by Mac on Apr 1, 2006


I put mine over the glass so they can be changed without major reworking. They add very little weight, and have the added advantage of acting as little splash guards when heading into waves -kind of discourages the water from sheeting up onto the deck - if that makes any sense. Kurt describes this better than I do.

They also hide the deck glass wrapover quite nicely.

As far as actually protecting the boat, it depends from what. My wife uses a ladder at the end of our wharf to get into and out of her kayak. The rub rails really help.

She is also careless when it comes to crashing into me, in which case her prow rides up onto my deck and my rails are of little help.

It may come down to how much we like or dislike the look of nice wooden trim.

IMHO, 2 cents Cdn.

Enjoy your shearwater, I think its a fine looking craft.


In Response to: Rubrails, or No Rubrails? by David K. on Mar 31, 2006