Posted by LeeG on Apr 2, 2006

a former CLC employee who built a LOT of CLC boats decided pretty quickly to include the bulkheads in the wiring up process because it's a waste to fill 1/2" gaps and more work to go back and re-wire the hull. I ended up splitting differences, making sure the bottom panels didn't shift at all while wiring, keeping the chine wires a bit loose then working the bulkheads into the final fit, placing the bulkhead where it involves the least trimming, trimming anyway since the sheerclamp cutouts on the bulkhead need a little anyway. I'd prefer 1/8" or less but have seen a wide variation from a perfect fit to a 1/2" gap all from the same set of parts.

Never had the problem with two Merganser/Shearwaters I made. On those I pre-glassed the bottom panels and shaved off about a millimeter of the bulkhead to accomodate the doubling of glass under the bulkhead which allowed for minimal fillets.

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