Re: glass cracks

Posted by Robert on Apr 3, 2006

My MC15 is a bit older than 1 year and has been stored outside bottom up. I have developed these cracks on the hull where the sunlight can hit it.

I figure this is crazing (becoming brittle and developing micro cracks) due to the epoxy breaking down due to exposure to UV light. The hull has always been varnished - but maybe not enough coats to prevent damage from the sun. Because I have not had any delamination, I decided to halt the degredation of the epoxy by painting the hull (but not the deck).

If you want to keep a natural finish, I suggest sealing the old epoxy with a new coat and then several coats of varnish. Unfortuately, the cracks will still be there but the wod will be protected.

Robert B

In Response to: Re: glass cracks by Peter M on Apr 1, 2006