Re: I'm not a footbracist

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 4, 2006

A few things from me...

First, I've only put foot braces in a couple boats, the rest use the forward bulkhead as the foot brace. This accomplishes several things: less weight, no possibility of failure (assuming a proper installation), less floodable volume in the cockpit, less expense (for a cheapo like me).

Secondly, on kayaks with footbraces and without, I have developed the habit of flooding the cockpit as the last thing I do before hauling the boat out of the water. I tip the boat on its side, flood the cockpit as much as it will take, slosh it around good, then flip 'er upside down and drain. I'll do this two or three times, and it keeps my cockpits squeaky clean and grit-free.

Third, I've found that I don't use foot braces at all half the time anyway. Being a short guy, practically every time I jump into someone else's yak the braces are too far forward, and I generally never notice until it is brought to my attention, usually by the boat's owner. I tend to naturally lock in using a triangle of fanny to knee padding to cockpit floor. And I'm a rolling fool, too. But I'll want them braces if I'm going to race, you betcha.

Cheers, Kurt

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