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Posted by Laszlo on Apr 6, 2006

It depends on the boat. If it's a boxy tub like Bolger's Brick, you could probably get away with it. For real boats with developed panels, probably not. The curves wouldn't line up.

You'd also be changing the hull shape, which would affect the water flow, the center of effort, the center of buoyancy, the stability, etc. You'd be adding more material which would affect the mass and stress distributions.

Between the differences in the water flow and the locations of the different centers, you'd definitely be changing the boat's dynamic and static characteristics. You'd be designing a new boat with an akward hull.

If it was me, I'd either find a design of the correct length (best solution) or I'd draw up a set of plans with the correct hull shape for the lengthened boat and use them to loft a set of properly shaped panels. The second solution would still have me dealing with the new centers and other characteristics, but at least the panels would fit together.

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