Re: Shop Vac Filters?

Posted by Mac on Apr 8, 2006


I attach my ROS to a Shop Vac with the Paper Bag and Paper Filter that fits over the foam filter. I find that is enough.

Now, that doesn't get everything the ROS generates. You'll notice that when the disk travels over an edge, there will be free particles launched into the air.

After I've sanded a coat of epoxy, I usually vacuume the floor as well.

Big difference between sanding a hard chined hull and a multi chined version where the disc is only in partial contact on each panel. Even so, I figure the vacuume gets 90% of the dust.

Got a good mask? (Makes your sanding song sound like Darth Vader).

Have Fun


In Response to: Shop Vac Filters? by David H on Apr 7, 2006