Do it,,,please

Posted by LeeG on Apr 8, 2006

1. discs last longer 2. much less aerated dust. 3. if you get a 25' hose you can put the shop vac outside the garage and remove dust at the source AND outside of the garage. This will make a big difference since the cheap shop vacs are screaming noisy and still allow some dust to fly out.

Two things made me try this. Building in a garage where the outside air was 38degrees and opening the garage would remove all the heat I was paying for and trying to retain. Also cycling the kayak into cold/heat complicated surface prep, condensation, outgassing. Also the first time building without a ROS resulted in the back yard bushes and me covered in white dust.

The other thing was walking into a kayaking building shop where there were no dust bags on the ROS, disc sanders in use,,all working on epoxied surfaces to get smooth down epoxy drips on many square yards of epoxied plywood. The space was as thick with white dust as London Fog. Dust that went everywhere on everything.

Connecting a shop vac to a ROS is as significant a change as going from a 1/4sheet vibrating sander to a ROS with holes for sucking dust into a little bag.

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