Re: soft pad eye

Posted by Dave Houser on Apr 28, 2006

The mushroom head on the padeye is flat where it mates to the underside of the deck. A ring of silicone caulk on the flat surface glues it in place and seals it. The easiest way to fish the padeye into place is to run a piece of monofilament fishing in line through the padeye deck slot and out of the hatch opening. Poke the monofilament though the padeye webbing to just catch a corner of it at its fold and tie the monofilament in a small loop to secure it. Add the caulk to the flange and pull it through the compartment into place. Needle nose plies can help if the slot is tight. If you are worried about smearing a little caulk dragging it through the compartment use a yardstick and a spot of tape to guide the gooed padeye to under the slot.

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