Re: soft pad eye

Posted by Jim Stalnaker on Apr 28, 2006


The soft padeyes are very simple to make. They are just a piece of webbing strap that you cut and fold over. Take about 2 inches of strap and fold it double. On the two loose ends, clamp them together with a pair of pliers with just about 1/4 inch sticking out and hold a lighter flame to them and they will melt and form a molten bead of nylon. CAREFUL!!! Once it cools you have your pad eye. To put it in the deck you must drill a series of holes where you want to eye to be. The holes should be the same size as the folded strap is thick. Make the holes close together and after drilling, join the holes to make a slot. Insert the padeye throught the slot from the underside of the deck and there you have it. Make sure you seal it well with silicone or simular sealant.

Jim S

In Response to: Re: soft pad eye by Dave Houser on Apr 28, 2006