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Posted by J.Schott on Apr 28, 2006

I make mine with a small mounting tab to spread the load that can be exerted on the loops. I have to give credit to Kurt for the construction method, it's on his original Mill Creek site. I tack the webbing to the underside of the tab using a hot melt glue gun and dip the bottom of the tab in epoxy to seal and permanantly attach the webbing. I'll post a link to my pics, scroll down and you will find a few pictures to see what I'm trying to poorly explain. The other benefit to using the tab is that there is a good sealing surface. I also went a little overboard and taped around the loops on the deck and smeared some sealer around them. Once the tape was pulled it left a nice clean bead of sealant around each loop. It worked very well, I spent a lot of time upside down in a rolling class and both my fore and aft compartments were completely dry. The pictures should do a better job of of explaining than I seem to be able to. I gotta get some rest, I can't even think straight. Hope this helps-Joey

Photos from "Schott Skunkworks"

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