Re: Oz needs silica powde

Posted by David Warren on May 4, 2006

Hi Ben. Basically,yes, the BoteCote filler/glue stuff can replace everything, in my experience, just by mixing differing quantities with your epoxy. Re the scarfs themselves, I just used straight epoxy, but applied it "twice" to each surface. First, I put it on each raw wood scarf surface, and waited maybe 10-15 minutes until it had soaked into the wood as far as it wanted. Then, I reapplied more epoxy (you could use mildly thickened stuff here if you wanted) onto the wet surfaces, and clamped them together LIGHTLY. The reason for the light clamp is that heavy clamping will simply squeeze all the epoxy out of the joint, and it will fail/snap. The surfaces should be brought together, and stabilized, but no extra pressure beyond that. Epoxy is not 'glue' in the ordinary sense. The reason for applying it twice is that the first layer soaks in, 'gripping' into the wood itself, and the second layer ensures that the joint isn't too dry, ie that all the epoxy is soaked away into the two pieces of wood, leaving none on the faces to actually join them together.

In Response to: Re: Oz needs silica powde by Ben Roberts on May 3, 2006