Re: rice paper

Posted by David Warren on May 5, 2006

It can show slightly, mostly depending on how carefully you remove the tiny air-bubbles from within the fibres of the paper. It can be hard to get them out completely, so it will usually show some cloudines at least in places and under certain lights (flourescents seem to be the least forgiving, and sunlight makes all but the worst cloudiness disappear). A squeegee worked best for me. If you look at the pic I posted above somewhere earlier, you'll see that there is a little cloudiness in the left end of the paper, and none in the right end. To reduce the effect, I carefully cut away any un-needed paper from around the print, to reduce the visibility of the cloudy areas. From more than a few feet, and in sunlight, it's unnoticeable. I strongly recommend that you do some practice runs work on off-cuts to get used to how it all works.

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