Re: TKBB 2006 Report

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 8, 2006

Hey George, it took me way too long, but I finally learned to quit putting my boats next to John's. He does some gorgeous work, doesn't he? And Tony, my erstwhile buddy down on the Island, is making me look like a bum these days too. Some friends I have...

About stampeding your campsite like that... at first I worried that it wasn't a very polite way to welcome you to Texas, but then thought it'd be fun to see whether you'd cut and run or stand your ground. Shoot folks, he just laughed at our little posse, then picked me right out of the lineup (nuthin' to it, just look for the short guy).

We have hurricanes here too, we just try to be moderate about it, and not to have so MANY. Didn't want you getting homesick on us, though, so we brought in that little one just for you. Hey, at the Texas Kayak Bash we aims to please.

I'm about one halfa step away from committing to putting in an appearance at Okoume Fest this June, are you going? Now's yer big chance for a little revenge...

Cheers! Kurt

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