Re: TKBB 2006 Report

Posted by Tony Olsen on May 8, 2006

About stampeding your campsite like that... at first I worried that it wasn't a very polite way to welcome you to Texas, but then thought it'd be fun to see whether you'd cut and run or stand your ground. Shoot folks, he just laughed at our little posse, then picked me right out of the lineup (nuthin' to it, just look for the short guy).

Kurt, Short had nothin' to do with it.. Remember he said "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" I think I know how he spotted you so quick.. :)

George, good to hear you made it back and all is well. That paddle board is really something! It goes as fast using your hands as a lot of kayaks go using a paddle. Looking forward to the next time..

Take care!

Tony Olsen

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