Re: epoxy cure before var

Posted by Laszlo on May 9, 2006

Posting pictures is easy:

1. Take picture. 2. If film, get it printed and digitized, otherwise skip this step. 3. Copy the digital picture to a website where you can then view it with your favorite browser. This means that you either have to have your own website, a buddy with a website, an account with a commercial photo website service, etc. This is the step that probably involves the most work. 4. When you're looking at the image with your browser, right-click on it and select "View image" . You should then see just the image with nothing else from the website - no frames, no links, no text, etc. 5. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar. It's the internet address where your picture, and only your picture, can be found. 6. Come on back to the builders' forum, type in a witty and enlightening post, and in the field marked "Optional Image URL:", paste in the URL that you copied in step 5. Be sure that you overwrite the existing "http://" that's always in the field.

That's it. And just to be nice to the readers with narrow screens and dial-up accounts, before step 3, use your favorite image processing software to shrink the image size down to something less than 640 pixels wide and save it as a JPEG file with 50 to 75% image quality (if you can without losing the information that you want to share). My last image post had to stay a bit wider than that, but I was able to compress it from a 2 MB plus file down to 40 KB or so (making the download time about 50 times faster).

BTW, I still haven't varnished my pirogue and it's getting on 4 years old. (I just sand off the outermost layer of epoxy each year to fix up all the scratches from the previous year and slap another coat or two of epoxy onto it.) So a week really won't make any difference.

Have fun,


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