carbon fiber

Posted by LeeG on May 10, 2006

JohnRSweet had some good prices for 2" wide 10oz unidirectional carbon tape. It's interesting stuff but I don't think carbon cloth really belongs in s&g constructions. With some searching at you can find some destructive testing that showed a wood panel with 5oz carbon failing BEFORE 6oz eglass. It's characteristics are so different than wood that the wood fails prematurely right at the interface leading to a whole panel failure. Kind of like how spring steel can break in one piece compared to softer iron bending. I think the A.Hawk has the underside pre-glassed with 2oz cloth and multiple layers on the exterior. The Cheasapeake coaming stack is 28mm thick including the 4mm deck,,that's a mighty tall I-beam. For comparison the A.Hawk coaming stack is 20mm thick including the 4mm deck. You could probably make the deck beam removable using screws on the side and a vertical post with some hot glue holding the post in position.

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