Posted by David Warren on Jun 6, 2006

I know a guy with an old-fasioned version of a tortured ply bottom/doped canvas SOF top. He loves it, but I've paddled it and I can't see the point. Not lighter, not stronger, not anything much except higher/more complex maintainence. For a big rig, like a 30' yawl, I can we why a canvas deck/cabin roof would save above-waterline weight etc, but for a wee speck like a k'yakie, I'd stick to wood and wood, or SOF all-over. The hybrid/combo just doesn't save weight or add anything useful at that scale. To be balanced, it needs to be built like a drum - the 'body' over-strenghthened to withstand the 'pull' of the taut deck... Like paddlin' a set of bongos man!

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