Posted by FrankP on Jun 6, 2006

Greenland boats can come in at around 20 pounds if you go super light. Even if you're not trying to be very light you'd still be right around 30 pounds. So, either way, there is a significant amount of savings. I think you're right in that most of that savings will come from the hull rather than the deck, but every little bit helps.

As for hatches, it's possible, but any savings in weight is gained right back building a frame for the hatch covers.

If using shearclamps you really would only need to add a couple of deck beams, not an entire frame. Tom Yost makes SOF boats with about 8 rib/deckbeam combination pieces pieces (I don't know what he calls them, probably just stations) and the boats are plenty sturdy.

I think the hardest part would be attaching the skin deck, but there are several different ways you can do it.

I seem to recall someone saying a year or two ago that they were going to try this concept out, but I don't remember if it ever came to fruition.


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