Re: fiberglassing the hul

Posted by Doug Judd on Jun 10, 2006

Hi Bob,

All of CLC is at Okoumefest today.

If I read your message correctly, the raised areas are overlaps of the three separate pieces of glass. The best way to attack and smooth those areas is with a carbide scraper similar to what you use to remove paint. You can be pretty aggressive is cleaning up the humps and bump as long as you don't dig through the base coat of epoxy.

You can sand down those areas in lieu of the scraper but it takes a lot longer. Also for applying a smoother coat of epoxy, have you tried using a squeegee? It does a so much nicer job than rolling or brushing. Just my $0.02.

Keep in mind that you really have to mess up big time to cause a major problem. Everything else is fixable.

Have fun.

In Response to: fiberglassing the hull by Bob Lippold on Jun 10, 2006