Posted by Scott H. on Jun 11, 2006


I'm a day away from glassing my 1st stitch & glue. I'm realy concerned that I don't mess this up. I had done some tests pieces through out the project & have just cutt them in half to see how good the glass adhered. All have been curing since last Fall.

I had multiple results. One sheet, which only had one coat of epoxy over it, the glass & I had to really work to get the glass off, it seemed the glass pulled away taking some wood with it. A good glassing job?

The other peeled off with only my finger nail and took no wood with it? Bad Glass job?

I bended both boards and the 1st board had no glass come off it cracked together. The second board the glass didn't break with the wood it just pulled off or up.

Does anyone know of any picture/links examples of bad fiberglassing? Delamination or examples of quality work & what a glassed board looks like after breaking it in half? Should the glass peel at all? How deep does epoxy primarily soak?

On the boards edges of my tests it seemed the epoxy soaked half way but after cutting through its center it seems the epoxy didn't soak barely at all.

Sorry for the novel size questions!

Any and all help/direction is MOST appreciated!




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