Re: Okoumefest Day 3

Posted by Robert on Jun 13, 2006

Why thank you for the compliment. It is indeed a Chester Yawl but because of my lazy streak, I added the Skerry sail/spars and an offset dagger board trunk and rudder. John at CLC was helpful with suggestions (design started as a pivot centerboard and ended up as an offset dagger board).

My wonderful wife sewed the sail from a Sailrite kit (and even added a boltrope). Now I understand the proper use of a dining room table. (The pool table as we all know is for coating epoxy on floors and decks.)

I started the boat a month ago and barely had it ready for the water on Sunday. The boat will get a cream colored paint job on the outside and varnish everywhere else - after I play with it awhile.

While the wind was blowing too hard to sail at Okumefest, we did get it out on Ducket reservoir later in the day. Unfortunately the wind all but disappeared. It still moved along in a gentle breeze. My wife who was steering learned that the rudder works best when the blade is actually pivoted down into the water - how she managed to steer it up to then is a mystery to me.

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