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Posted by Chris J. on Jun 21, 2006

I agree...the bad press that sanding gets in the manuals adds unnecessary anxiety to the new builder. It's not that bad... I just finished sanding 2 Ch16's and finally ready for varnish. I probably spent too much time on the decks but they look real nice. I had no experience using a ROS prior to this. While constructing the boats I had a nagging concern about the price of sanding discs given the CLC tip to "change frequently". I was arranging to remortgage the house to use a hook and loop ROS system when I discovered my mom had saved my dad's old Porter Cable ROS. I cut my own discs from sheets of Norton 3X paper (it's as good as they advertise - very little clogging and it stays sharp - Home Depot) and I used spray adhesive to stick them on. Using this method I had no apprehensions of tossing the discs every few feet. But I'd say I more enjoyed hand sanding the coaming and finish sanding the deck by hand - it's like sculpting. save the real anxiety for allowing your kids to decide what colour webbing and shock cords they want on their boats! Estimated launch - July 10

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