Re: Sanding boogy man

Posted by David Warren on Jun 21, 2006

Plus, sanding a boat once, end to end is one thing. But then doing it again and again as each successive coat of varnish or whatever builds up can get a little... testing....

Then again, I was sanding a Sassafras 16 (which, being 'open', has twice the sanding area or more of most of those pointy little pontoon things you folks poke yourselves into ;)). Plus, being kind of stupid, I did it all the sanding by hand (even the epoxy etc.) I ended up with forearms like Popeye. I Think Therefore I Yam What I Yam...

Nevertheless, I agree that the zen-like stuff is true, and hand sanding is more work but infinitely more tactile and pleasant than using, uuurgghhh, power tools (spits like a Sicilian).

After all, you can't take a ROS to bed with you like you can a fine old Record 778 rebate plane. Hmmm... did I say that or just think it?

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