Re: Sanding boogy man

Posted by James Eager on Jun 21, 2006

I di my first boat last year...launched it about a year (to the day) ago. It is a mc 16.5...not sure but I think the glass used is on the heavy side andthus was tough to sand...that is untill I learned... or got rid of the hook and loop stuff on the sander I picked up used from ebay. I ordered a mess of stick on disks...much moe economical. I also found the quality (Norton brand) to be better than the local helpful hardware guys... the final ingredient is hooking up that shop vac. Much better. Ended up starting another boat in March (Shearwater) and finishing it about a month prior to soltice...just finished paddling with wife and young son. Now the boy wants to learn to roll too...knew he would. So I guess boat # 3 is on its way. Sanding is OK considering the rewards...anyone try to lift a 17 foot plastic boat lately?

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