watertight hatches clc?

Posted by James Eager on Jun 21, 2006

I built the SH16 with flush hatches as per. design. i am using the unerdeck bungee method to hold them down and have tried various weather- seal thicknesses and increasing the tension on the bungees etc. Have been rolling quite a bit and every time I end up with a mess of water in my hatches at the end of the day.

Is there really any hope for water tight or near watertight hatches in this arrangement?

Would/could straps over the top help... or still not enough down pressure?

One problem I have to say is that the aft hatch has an additional playwood layer as per design...when this hatch stiffener was added it caused the hatch to flatten slightly so it has less camber than the surrounding deck. This makes thing tough back there but, the front hatch fits perfectly and still lets plenty o' water in.

What can i do to improve ? or... If I want water-tight how should I go about adding rubber hatches?