Re: watertight hatches cl

Posted by FrankP on Jun 22, 2006


It sounds like you should have sufficient pressure. In fact, it could be you have too much and you're compressing the gaskets so much that they can't absorb any of the water. You might consider a second gasket to make a sort of u enclosure with your current one.

Let me see if I can draw some sort of ascii thing to show what I mean:

_______________________________ hatch cover

( ) ( ) gasket

___(___)__ __(___)___ gasket&lip

The bottom gasket basically has a small channel shaped into it that the cover gasket fits inside, and that will give you a double barrier for the water. I think the best way to do this is to make a silicone gasket around a tube gasket or something like that. The other option would be to use a simple tube for a bicycle or something and have that fit around a more firm lip. Essentially you get the same final functionality though.

Good luck with it. I usually end up with a lot of water in my boat, but most of it comes from my cockpit and a crack in my rear bulkhead that I haven't bothered to fix yet.


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