planing the shearclamps

Posted by Bill Lapcevic on Jun 25, 2006

Hi all:

I installed the deck beams in my 17LT today... Frankly I never thought I'd get THIS far. :-)

I have two new questions. Question 1 is that the new kayak workshop recommended driving one 1 1/2 inch #8 screw into each side of the deck beam to hold it in place. I did this, however, only one of the screw heads really ever got "flush" or below the hull. The rest are right at hull level or a little above. The problem is, the screws all stripped and I can't seem to drive them in any farther. Will this matter?

Question 2 has to do with the kit templates for planning the shear clamps. It appears there are two templates. I believe they are 46 inch and 19 inch radius. I assume that the smaller radius template coincides with the shorter more-flat deck beam. However, it does not seem to mirror the bend in that deck beam. it is off by a few degrees (template is too flat). What does this mean? Did I do something wrong here?

Finally, I've read through the instructions a few times, but for whatever reason (mental block probably) can't figure out where to use each template. I assume bow to the first deck beam is the more-flat template and 2nd deckbeam back is the less flat curve template. First, is that right? Second, what the heck do I do in between the deck beams?