Re: planing the shearclam

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 26, 2006


As Dave says, the screws are not necessary for structural strength. They're good for helping first time builders put the boat together, sort of like the deck nails. As such, once your deck beam is in place, the proud ones can be removed and the holes plugged with epoxy/woodflour putty. A pair of vise grips can be used to grab the head of stripped screws and twist the screw out.

Be aware that doing this will probably ding the area around the screw, but the wood putty will fill the ding. You should then smooth and fair the putty bumps before applying the glass.

If this is more than what you want to do, then you can leave the screw in and use a putty knife to apply a small blob of epoxy/woodflour putty over the screw head. When the putty's cured, fair it with some sandpaper, then apply the glass.

Taking care of the problem after the glass is applied will work with a flush screw, but a proud one may cause an air bubble if the glass can't sit flat.

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In Response to: planing the shearclamps by Bill Lapcevic on Jun 25, 2006