Re: watertight hatches cl

Posted by John F on Jun 26, 2006

Gotta be a better/easier way to get these hatches water proof. It looks like heck, on my flush hatches I temporarily used Brown duct tape like straos over the hatches. waterproof. Hve internal bungees, frost king foam. Might run an edge of slit vacuum line around the hatch edge. I am wondering if an oversize foam gasket on the hatch would overlap on the hull and provide a good seal. I have thought, since my deck/hatches are not curved or flat but peaked; I could make another set with a flexible joint at the midline, giving the hatch a better chance of fitting and sealing. And so it goes. 10% of effort to accomplish 90% of results and 90% effort to complete the last 10% of the project. In the meantime if I get crazy with rolling or choopy water, I can brown tape or clear tape the seals, does keep them dry.

In Response to: Re: watertight hatches cl by James Eager on Jun 24, 2006