regarding the NKS plans

Posted by LeeG on Jun 27, 2006

The position of the hip braces for the Chesapeake kayaks as shown in the NKS kind of drift around from model to model. One one model they're a bit forward of the mid-section of the cockpit near the thighs,,and mis-named "thigh braces". On another they're located a bit aft and called "hip braces". This may seem picky but there isn't a specfied location and if you go by the drawing and the misnamed "thighbrace" without experience of kayak outfitting you might think they're supposed to rest forward of the hip bones. From an outfitting perspective the error is a little like confusing the brake and clutch pedal since thigh braces and hip braces provide different functions. If you are building from plans and not a kit don't make the hip braces in a trapezoidal shape, just go with a 5" wide rectangular piece and put in three slots to mount a back band near the top. I'm assuming that's how the Shearwater is configured.

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