Waiting to varnish/paint

Posted by Murph on Jun 28, 2006

I am a first time poster and a first time builder (of anything). I am building a 17LT and am just at the stage where I plane the sheer clamps. I�m getting closer and closer to finishing. I want everyone to know how much help it has been going through the Forum posts for the last several years for guidance as I handle each step. Thanks.

Now for my QUESTION. I should be able to finish the building of my kayak in the next couple of weeks. I was thinking of delaying the varnishing and painting until the Fall so I can get it on the water as soon as possible. I will be storing the kayak inside and it will only be in the sun when I�m paddling. No overnight trips. No anticipated lengthy exposure to the sun. Do you see any problem with waiting until the Fall for finishing? Again, thanks.